We want to work hand in hand with children and their parents to help children who love sports to shine in the world.

Through baseball, we create opportunities to achieve goals and convey the importance and joy of taking action.
Your child will be able to increase his or her experience of success and learn the ability to support himself or herself.

Your child will be able to take on challenges not only in baseball, but in life as well.


When children

practice together


It becomes fun and engaging


Activity report

The coach will create a report for the practice for each class. See what your child is thinking and how they grow through the practice.

Online instruction

A professional coach analyzes and explains the movements of each child through a video recording.

The video is used for independent practice at home.

Tea duty

No dad coach


We do not ask parents for tea duty, grand duty, etc.

All staff will support your child during the practice.

Photo courtesy

A professional photographer will take a picture of the practice.


Throw, hit, catch, run

Pyrus has developed its own curriculum of skills that young ballplayers should acquire during their school years.


After joining the Pyrus Baseball

Changes in children

Do you have any questions?

The son answered "No" when asked.

I felt like doing what I was told

After joining the Pyrus

Gradually, I began to think and act on my own.

Seen from the parents

Impression of pyros baseball

Respect and tolerance of children's ideas.


Pyrus allows children to be free and spontaneous.

Pyrus encourages children to do what they like and what they want to do.

It is not that we leave the children to their own devices, but they respect the children's autonomy and let them have fun while improving their sporting skills.

Recommended for families with the following children and educational policies

Families that respect the wishes of their children without being bound by rules and regulations.



Futakotamagawa / Futakoshinchi class

Activity date and time

Every Wednesday from 15:00 to 17:00

Target area

Tamagawa | Kinuta | Okamoto | Seta | Noge | Kaminoge | Nakamachi

Futago | Takatsu | Mizonokuchi | Kuji | Kitamigata | Suwa

8,000 yen / month

Nishioi class

Activity date and time

Every Saturday from 16:00 to 17:30

Target area

Oi | Futaba | Okamoto | Higashimagome

Nakanobu | Yutakacho | Kitamagome

1,500 yen / time







受講時は動きやすい服装(ジャージ、Tシャツ等)、靴は運動靴をご用意ください。その他、バッド、グローブ、ボール、ヘルメット等は、こちらでご用意致します。 髪型については、安全上、髪が目にかからない程度の長さをお願いします。


現在通われている生徒さまの中にも塾と併行し、文武両道を目指している生徒さまもいらっしゃいます。 勉強も野球両方頑張れる、素敵なことですね!


練習内容は生徒たち自身で考えてもらいます。 練習時間は2時間になります。活動後も30分~60分程グランドを開放しております。




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